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கீழடி அகழ்வாய்வு கண்காட்சி – சிட்னியில்

by Tamil Heritage Foundation
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10 APR 2018 – 2:37PM

Keezhadi excavation exhibited in Sydney

Keezhadi, also spelled Keeladi, is a small village near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. An Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) excavation in Keezhadi revealed a Sangam era settlement dated to the 2nd century BCE by radiocarbon dating. The Roman artefacts found at the site add to the evidence of ancient trade relations between the Romans and the Pandya kingdom.

An exhibition of photographs from the archaeological site was displayed in Sydney the last weekend. A. Muthukrishnan, a Tamil author, social activist, and the founder of Green Walk (an informal group of people who walk on roads less travelled to learn about neglected monuments) explained the significance of the findings and explained in minute detail what the artefacts contained.
SBS Tamil was there to document the event.

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